Barefoot and Healthy!

barefoot & healthyCan the athletes workout barefoot??!! Try it when you can.

Who knew the earth was so powerful and healing!?

A powerful healing activity to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle is to connect your body to the earth’s core. Because we are not going to drill down into the earth to get there (we can leave that to Indiana Jones), we can access it via the earth’s surface and waters.

Plant your bare feet upon the ground at any opportunity! The earth’s core will charge you, and even protect you from the harmful radiation coming from cell phones/phone towers, etc.

It does a whole lot more than this! It promotes better digestion, supports your immune system, and much more.

What are the steps you can take…?

Give children the time to run around barefoot.

Given the opportunity, take your sandals off when the earth/ground is directly beneath your feet.

Trees are great too! Lean against or hug a tree. Available in cooler weather, and when there is snow on the ground.

Put your feet up! When by a tree, plant your feet on the tree.

Take a vacation! Enjoy the beach beneath your feet and body.

Dip into the ocean, a lake or a stream…all grounding.

Work in an office? Take a walk to a park daily to get grounded.

Choosing footwear? Buy footwear that can easily come off and on (and for business men…take the socks and shoes off anyway.)

The more the merrier and people will be curious. Let’s start a movement this summer.

Cheryl is working towards creating a healthier existence…you either want to be healthy or you don’t. There is no middle ground. What is your choice?

Take action, get grounded…call Cheryl today and learn about her One Step Forward health and nutritional program. Many ways to become healthier and nutrition is one of the vital areas.

Get your fats in order! Check out Cheryl’s articles on omegas as this is one of the key steps to take today. Find out how your fat intake may in fact heal you.

Look forward to connecting with you.


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