The advantage you need to achieve your potential.

A4A is a training centre and therapy clinic offering a comprehensive approach to training & health so you can reach your personal goals. We empower you to lead your ideal life, so you can enhance the lives of those you influence.

Step Forward with PoNS™

Problems with balance and gait can stop you from moving through life with confidence. You may have trouble walking, feel unsteady or be unable to do the activities that bring enjoyment to your life.

Training Centre

Our world-class facility offers a variety of programs designed to fit your needs.

Therapy Clinic

Our therapy clinic uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to provide you with the best available care.

“It’s great to finally have a world class high performance facility in the Toronto area.”

– Dominique Bosshart
Olympic Medalist

“Recommended by my conditioning coach, A4A is a great place to train.”

– Kris Draper
4 Time Stanley Cup Champion

“If you want to take your game to the next level, A4A is the perfect facility for testing, treatment and training.”

– Chris Dalcin
Conditioning Coach of Tennis Pro Daniel Nestor