Sports Specific Training

Train to win.

Expert trainers are available for every sport, whether you are training on your own or as part of a team.

We provide expert support, training, testing and rehabilitation to maximize personal performance — making you a better, injury-resistant athlete.

Become a better athlete with programs designed to bring out your best and improve your performance in your chosen sport.

Whether you need to improve your speed, agility, power, flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance or accuracy, our sports specific programs are personalized and tailored to improve your performance in the areas you need most to become your best in your sport.

We train everything from popular sports like volleyball, hockey, soccer, basketball and track to all the Olympic sports like trampoline, bobsled, figure skating and swimming to extreme sports like BMX biking!

“It’s great to finally have a world class high performance facility in the Toronto area.”

– Dominique Bosshart
Olympic Medalist

“Recommended by my conditioning coach, A4A is a great place to train.”

– Kris Draper
4 Time Stanley Cup Champion

“If you want to take your game to the next level, A4A is the perfect facility for testing, treatment and training.”

– Chris Dalcin
Conditioning Coach of Tennis Pro Daniel Nestor

Team Training

Increase your team’s overall athletic performance and abilities with athletic conditioning programs. All training sessions are 60 minutes in length with an Initial Assessment prior to the beginning of any training session.

Young Athletes
(19 years and under)

(20 years +)

90 minute training sessions may be booked upon the request of a coach.

Contact us for availability and pricing information.